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Who We Serve

Besure caters to the following five primary players within the healthcare sector

Medical Providers

  • Healthcare business planning and strategy
  • Commercial healthcare management and advisory services
  • Commercial partnerships
  • Innovative product development
  • Healthcare research

Specialist Doctors and Surgeons

  • Community based doctor arrangements with medical facilities
  • Visiting doctor arrangement globally
  • Operation theatre rental agreements

Insurance Companies

  • Commercial Tie-ups to enable global expansion of their network
  • Cost containment support advisory services


  • Strategic cost containment on insurance premium
  • Timely support on obtaining approvals for medical procedures sought locallly as well as internationally.
  • Objective advice from our expert team of in-house medical practitioners on required treatment options and easy access to trusted local and international providers
  • Holistic medical packages at discounted rates for treatment not covered by insurance to motivate employees


  • Sound objective advice from in-house doctors on required treatment options with easy access to top quality local and international providers
  • Support on obtaining approvals for medical treatments within the region or internationally
  • Discounted medical packages for treatments other than those covered by insurance policy
  • Niche medical & tourism packages with particular emphasis on cost of treatment, safety and well-being of individual and efficient pre as well post-operative care.