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Healthcare Business Planning and Strategy

Whether you are a start-up-business or an existing healthcare facility, we provide you with a marketing plan according to your business vision for short and long-term objectives. This shall include the following:

  • Financial Marketing & Business Objective
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Elements of Marketing Mix
  • Monitoring & Audit activities
  • Marketing mix expenditure
  • Capacity Optimization

Commercial Healthcare Management

With the introduction of mandatory insurance in the region, medical providers are in dire need of strategic advisory services to empanel with payers. At Besure, our team of dynamic professionals works relentlessly on implementing an effective commercial strategy for the client.

At BeSure our aim is to greatly reduce our clients’ fixed operational costs and advise measures for maximum utilization of available capacity of the facility including advisory and execution of the right healthcare business development and marketing measures.

Specialist Doctors and Surgeons:

BeSure team is specialized in providing personalized community-based doctor arrangements locally and visiting doctors’ arrangements globally.

Community-based doctor arrangements

Our team of professionals lends our advice to the doctors in finding the best contracts with a medical facility. We advise, negotiate and arrange the best agreement between the doctors and the healthcare facility.

Visiting doctors’ arrangements

BeSure team works in close partnership with the specialists & surgeons to position them within the overall community. With our unique experience and expertise, we successfully market & promote them in the competitive landscape.

Medical Tourism

Besure offers custom designed pre- and post- operative medical tourism treatment programs for a variety of medical procedures to suit the treatment, needs and budgets of the patient in world class-medical facilities. Our aim is to cater to the patients’ pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative treatment.

Regional as well as global medical providers are looking for an affordable and innovative strategy to get more business from insurers, employers or patients while addressing grave concerns like safety, high treatment costs and the gap in post-operative care for patients. At Besure, we have mastered a unique approach and a range of cost-effective strategies to address these concerns of the medical providers.

In addition we strive relentlessly to effectively facilitate pre and post operative referral agreements between local and international providers

Wellness Tourism

BeSure is a leader in wellness tourism. Our mission is to improve well-being through travel and our vision is to make wellness tourism accessible, fun and rewarding for as many people as possible. We offer customized solutions to clients interested in improving their well-being in as well as exploring new destinations.

We pride ourselves for being able to provide our clients customized high quality health check-up services through our partnership with international medical providers holding international accreditations and world-renowned resorts, hotels and spas.