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Besure Medical and Health Performance Services is a bespoke Dubai based firm that offers tailor-made solutions for healthcare business planning and strategy, commercial healthcare management as well as medical tourism.

With the impeccable knowledge and experience of our co-founders, we offer niche solutions to individual patients, medical providers, doctors, local insurance companies, TPAs as well as corporate groups, governmental and semi-governmental institutions. Our founders deploy as well their extensive network of contacts in commercial and operational healthcare management as well as insurance and reinsurance business to deliver added value services to our clients.

The global phenomenon of patients seeking specific healthcare solutions and moving beyond borders for cost-effective and high quality medical care has been gaining momentum in the past few years. As medical institutions across the globe gear up to address this need, the demand for niche healthcare advisory services will grow exponentially.

Our team of professionals at Besure under the visionary leadership of our co-founders possesses an insightful understanding of the end users' behavior and the particular needs of clients in the region.